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How to Play

Getting Started

To get started playing Betfred Super League Fantasy League you need to select a 17-man squad from the players available. Every player is given a fantasy value based on their previous season performance and assigned an on-field position. You must select a player in every position 1-13 on the field of play along with 4 interchange players. Teams must cost a maximum of 2.1 million and are limited to three players from each Super League team.

The players you select for your Fantasy League team will earn points throughout the season for good performance and lose points for errors and poor discipline (full scoring criteria to the right). As the manager you have four transfers per calendar month (from February to September) available to replace your under-performing or injured players with in-form players. Transfers must be used in the month allocated and can NOT be carried over to the next month. You only score points for players that are in your starting 13 player line-up team at midday Thursday prior to the weekend’s games in which they are expected to play. The Fantasy League team with the highest combined player total score at the end of the season will be declared the Betfred Super League Fantasy League winner.

Captain’s choice!

Each week you can select a captain for your team. Your chosen captain will score double points for that game week, so make sure you pick carefully! You can keep the same captain week to week or change every week depending on your selection. In the event you transfer out your chosen captain, the replaced player in that position will automatically assume the role of your captain.

Challenge your mates

Mini Leagues can easily be setup for free so you can compete against your friends. Fantasy teams can be entered in up to three different mini leagues but once entered cannot be removed. Mini leagues are password protected and anybody in a mini league can invite other fantasy teams to join.


You can select your team as early as you like without the worry of injuries during pre-season friendlies as unlimited transfers can be made before 12 Noon Thursday of the first Betfred Super League game (16 February). If you miss the start of the season, it's not too late as teams can be entered at any point during the season. Transfers also must be made before 12 Noon Thursday to earn points for the transferred players.

Player database

The player database will consist of all the players in each Betfred Super League squads at the start of the season. Each player is assigned a value on last year’s performance, if the player is new to Betfred Super League they will be manually assigned a value by Super League Fantasy League based on their previous career.

As new players arrive in the Super League we will aim to add them to the database as soon as possible, though no timescales are guaranteed. When a player is transferred between Super League teams your fantasy team is unaffected even if this means you break the three player per team rule. If a player leaves the Super League you will cease to score points for them. Player values do not change throughout the season.

Scoring system

Points awarded for Pts
Every 10 metres gained1 pts
Every 3 carries made1 pts
Tackle1 pts
Offload4 pts
Runs from dummy half1 pts
Attacking Kick2 pts
Try10 pts
Try Assist4 pts
Goal2 pts
Drop Goal5 pts
Tackle Busts2 pts
Clean Break5 pts
40/20 Kick10 pts
20/40 Kick10 pts
Error-1 pts
Yellow Card-5 pts
Red Card-10 pts
Penalty-2 pts
Missed Tackles-1 pts

The players you select in the interchange positions do not score until they're rotated into your squad.